Part 1: Trouble at Oleg's

In which the party meets and hatches a plot to stop bandits.

The party departs from Restov and arrives at Oleg’s Trading Post, just a few miles south of Brevoy’s southernmost border. They are met by Oleg Leveton and Svetlana Leveton, who are eager to receive aid against a group of bandits that have been extorting money and goods from them. The bandits are sure to arrive within an hour of sunrise the following day. The party agrees to help and begins to plan an ambush. Session ends at nightfall.

Details about the bandits obtained through discussion with Svetlana:

- The bandits’ first visit was 3 months ago—they threatened to burn down the trading post and abduct Svetlana for their own amusements back at their camp if the Levetons didn’t agree to hand over all of the furs and trade goods they’d accumulated over the past month from hunters and trappers.

- Since then, the bandits have returned twice more, each time within an hour of sunrise on the first day of the month. The Levetons have learned to have their “taxes” ready and hand them over quickly—the bandits usually seem eager to return to their camp somewhere in the Greenbelt, which makes Svetlana think their camp is about a day’s ride away.

- The first time the bandits visited, there were a dozen of them—10 lower ranking thugs led by a cloaked man armed with a bow, and a woman who carried two small hatchets. The woman did the majority of the talking on that first trip, and her black sense of humor and the way she smiled when she spoke of what fate would await Svetlana if the Levetons didn’t comply frightened Svetlana all the more. The woman also seemed to be particularly sharp and observant, whereas the man seemed to be a bit more crude and foolish. This, plus the fact that the woman quite nearly lopped off Oleg’s right hand with one of her hatchets in a cruel bit of mockery, convinced the Levetons that she was the most dangerous of the bandits. As it was, the woman took Svetlana’s wedding ring right off her hand and tossed it to one of her men as payment for “not shortening Oleg’s reach.”

- On the second and third visit, only the crude hooded man accompanied the bandits. The second visit, he came with only six other men, while on the third he only came with four. The Levetons suspect that the bandits have let down their guard and think the owners of the trading post are completely cowed. Hopefully, when they visit tomorrow they’ll be even fewer in number, and hopefully the scary woman with the hatchets won’t be with them.


Grunermann Grunermann

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