Francis (Frankie)


“Francis Lion”a [name redacted] of noble birth. Not much is known about the life she left behind. She can be described as girly, yet is not afraid to get her hands dirty. More likely to be found practicing archery, sharpening or practicing twirling a bade in her hands than combing her hair or sewing a quilt. She fancies herself a bit of a dare-devil, and loves to push the envelope.

Her hobbies include creating false identities for herself and trying to seduce powerful men and see just how far she can cause their lives to spiral out of control before she disappears. This is also her main source of income. Needless to say she is a sociopath, and is motivated by two things: Her curiosity and revenge. Only those very close to her would know that she originally left home because the man she was interested in had feelings for another woman. She now seeks revenge, and takes every possible opportunity to project those feelings of hatred onto whomever rubs her the wrong way.

Those who might call her a friend or a companion can expect her to back them up whenever in danger, and even in less dire matters so long as she can see that she wont be at any loss afterward.

Things that piss her off:
Single mindedness
ignorance (shes a total elitist)
Unfaithful men
Men who ignore her
Women that disapprove of her attire/mannerisms/activities

Things that intrigue her:
the art of deception
notoriety (although she likes to conceal her true identity for some reason)

Francis (Frankie)

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