Lanafear (Deceased)

Necromancer (PC)



Physical Description:
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 130 lb.
Eyes: Amethyst purple
Skin: Ivory white
Hair: Obsidian black

Lanafear dons a black and blue robe with a hood which covers her head. In her hand she holds a wooden staff straight and sturdy. Necromantic arcane writing scrolls and winds its way up to the top of the staff. At its height, the staff widens into a vertical flat surface in which the unholy symbol of Zyphus is carved. On her back, she carries a large backpack stuffed to the brim with survival gear.

The unholy symbol of Zyphus.

Lanafear is extremely introverted, shy, passive-aggressive, and willing to please. Many would consider her damaged goods and broken. In contrast, her nature is such that she upholds mutual adoration and respect for many living things not the least of which are humanoids; despite her cannibalistic urges (as described below). In addition, there is a passion within her that burn whiter than the hottest flames. So hot does this fire burn that often times it nearly consumes her with blinding rage. This passion is evoked by few things. Some of these things are, but not limited to: the undead, when a loved one is hurt or harmed, and when someone or something has done her wrong.

Lanafear is the perfect specimen for a necromancer. Her love and use for the undead goes much deeper than even she, herself, realizes. She is a necrosexual and cannibal. She craves the taste of humanoid and monstrous humanoid flesh; whether it is raw or cooked. Because of her introverted nature and respect for the living; she would never outright kill for her cravings.


Childhood (0-4):
Lanafear was born of a human mother whom she never knew. For at the time of delivery Lanafears passing killed her mother. Her mother was of a royal bloodline; a princess of lands now taken and/or destroyed. When the wet nurse saw what Lanafear was and the death of the princess; the nurse took the baby and delivered her to the princess’s father. “This baby is death incarnate and a bad omen to this house” said the nurse. “She must be destroyed immediately!” So the king commanded his guards to kill Lanafear. They took the baby to a place called, “Golgotha”, a pit where the diseased and dead are left. After slaying the baby with a dagger, the guards throw Lanafear into the pit. But Lanafear did not die that day; though she dons a deep scare. A parting gift, if you will, from that dagger. A reminder of that day she will carry with her for the rest of her mortal life. Wounded and hurt, she survived; feasting upon the dead who were now her only family. For four years, Lanafear lived among the dead; using their bodies as shelter, cover, and food. Because of her life in the disease pits, Lanafear began to gain a reputation. Rumors began to spread all across the land that the dead within the pit lived.

Adolescence (5-16):
These rumors eventually caught the ears of followers of Zon-Kuthon. One night, in the midnight hour, the thralls of Zon-Kuthon discovered Lanafear wading among the corpses. They removed her from her wretched abode and took her. In the temple of their despicable god they raised her and also in the ways of their Midnight Lord. In this temple Lanafear feasted on the flesh of humanoids and learned to love it. For eleven years the Zon-Kuthonians oppressed and broke Lanafear and made her their servant. The things Lanafear learned witnessed and experienced were so unspeakable and horrible that it would bring much of the evil in this world to its knees. After eleven years, Lanafear was only a shell of girl. But despite all these atrocities, Lanafear grew into a beautiful woman. For her undead nature gave her an unnatural beauty. Then one evening, just before dusk, a group of adventures raided the Zon-Kuthon temple and slew all the midnight cultists. During the throng, Lanafear fell prone and barely escaped with her life.

Young Adult (17 – 21):
The Zon-Kuthon temple was destroyed along with all its inhabitance except for one: Lanafear. For three years Lanafear wandered in the wilderness; surviving only by hiding and waiting. Bent and broken, she stumbled northward through the Stolen Lands. Then one day she came across a very small thorp amid that turmoiled wilderness. In this thorp Lanafear found refuge and hospitality. A barren couple took her in and loved her as their own. You see, this couple had been praying to the gods for a son or daughter and they believed that Lanafear was their answer. The couple found it easy to love Lanafear because of her beauty, but within her a darkness grew…

Adulthood (22 – 104):
Yet to be written…

Middle Age (105 -110):
So Frankie and Lanafear traveled together in the northern territory of Brevoy. Until one day Lanafear was met by a priest of Zyphus named Tuck. Tuck saw the tragedy of death that followed Lanafear like a black halo encircling her head. This dark omen was a sign from Zyphus that this woman would be a powerful priestess for his soiled faith. In time, Tuck convinced Lanafear to join his unholy faith and spread the accidental death of his fell god Zyphus. For five year Lanafear would serve and study the lord of accidental tragedy all the while remaining friends with Frankie. Until one day the call from the Sword Lords reached the ears of Frankie and the hierarchy of the church of Zyphus. Both her friend and her unholy bishops wished and wanted Lanafear to answer the Sword Lords call. And so it was. And this is where the adventures of Lanafear begins…

Lanafear (Deceased)

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