Oleg Leveton

Owner of Oleg's Trading Post (NPC)


Owner of Oleg’s Trading Post with his wife Svetlana.

Forty-something. Boxy muscular build. Large square jaw, bulbous down-turned nose, and deep blue and grey specked eyes that could only belong to an introvert. Silver, copper, and hay colored hair, with reds and oranges becoming more intense and picking up dark browns and blacks down his long sideburns toward his chin. The furrowed brow of a man constantly thinking, but never on too grand a scale. Oleg has never been enthusiastic about lofty thought processes.

Sternness and lack of imagination make Oleg stubborn in nature. Mildly agoraphobic, appreciative of the isolation that the location of his trading post provides him. Generally not fond of city folk. Fiercely prideful, suffers quietly when his ego is damaged. Cares deeply for his wife, Svetlana, but almost never expresses it verbally.


Oleg was born and raised in Restov, but moved south with his wife Svetlana to escape the constant mechanizations and political maneuverings that dominate urban life. He either doesn’t have much of a past to talk about, or else doesn’t like to talk about it.

Oleg Leveton

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